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FILTEREK was founded in January 2008, specializing in the manufacture and sales of various filter materials, filter housings and environmental protection equipment, and establishing and operating an integrated production and sales platform for melt blown filter cartridges, oil-absorbing materials, string wound filter cartridges, pleated filter elements, activated carbon filter cartridges, filter bags, etc. The company relies on complete product development, design, integration and manufacturing capabilities as well as professional technical service team, to provide customers with a full range of solutions, installation and commissioning services related to filtration, separation, product concentration, sewage treatment and high-salt wastewater treatment.
FILTEREK’s filtration products and equipment are exported to the United States, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, and mature regional agents have been established in various regions to meet the needs of customers and maintain a continuous motivation to develop together with customers. FILTEREK has become an important supplier to the electronics industry, petroleum & chemical industry, machinery & automobile industry, pulping and paper making, fermentation & Food & pharmaceutical industry, fiber & textile industry and water treatment industry.
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