Filter Bags(BMOS)

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PThe seamless (BMOS) filter bag is a hybrid, combining the best features of filter cartridges and conventional filter bags. The result is superior depth, pore gradient and seamless construction. These seamless filter bags have exceptionally low tensile strength, and provide superior resistance to channeling, unloading, bypass and other forms of traditional leakage that result from pulsating water. BMOS filter bags have a durable multifilament mesh cover that provides structural support and abrasion resistance, and facilitates installation and removal from the filter housing. BMOS series filter bags are alternatives to other vendors such as BOS series ones
  • Seamless construction offers unequalled benefit of eliminating fluid bypass.
  • Absolute rated ,3-100 microns are available for highest efficiency and consistent quality.
  • Long service life, high dirt holding capacity and low initial pressure drop.
  • Thermally-bonded microfibers contain no sizing, bonding adhesive, resin or silicone.
  • Exclusively FDA compliant media, no silicon and other types of contamination.
  • Can be incinerated for easy disposal.
  • Easy change-out to reduce down time.