Filter Bags(PPEX&PEEX)

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Extended Service Life polypropylene (PPEX) and polyester (PEEX) none-woven single glazed felt bag filters. The depth filtration designing which leave all pore openings on the felt unblocked, effective in slowing down the premature formation of filter cakes, therefore successfully extend filter's service life. Lab tests have shown that the average service life is near twice longer than standard PP and PE bags, depending on application conditions. The extended life designing provide outstanding performance on many types of contaminants such as gels, particles with wide ranges of sizes, and particles with various irregular shapes. The Extended Life filter bag is ideal for automotive coatings, chemicals, resins, edible oils and other fluid applications.
  • Seam treatment: Ultrasonic fusing or thread stitched.
  • Seal ring options: Polypropylene or polyester SDS, STS, Zinc coated steel or stainless steel snap fit rings.
  • Ring attachment: Ultrasonic fusing or thread stitched.
  • Micron range: 1,3,5,10,25,50,75,100,125,150,200 micron.
  • Efficiency: Nominal rating, 85% contaminant particle retention efficiency with a single pass.
  • Surface treatment: Fiber migration& extractable free cover integrated.
  • Media grade: Exclusively FDA compliant media, no silicon and other types of contamination.
  • High flow rate, low pressure drop.
  • Large contaminant retention capacity, extended service life.
  • Optimum replacing pressure differential 0.10MPa, Max. 0.18MPa.
  • Broad chemical compatibilities.