Filter Bags(PPMD)

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Patented PPMD 646 & 6460 series high efficiency oil absorbent filter bags are designed and developed by Filterek, especially to provide solutions in auto painting process, and these two series' excellent performance at home and abroad in E-coating has make them the leader products in this area.
646 series products mainly aim at application in stable operation status, with both oil absorbent and filtration function.
6460 series products mainly aim at solutions to E-coating shrinkage cavity and defects quickly.
  • Quick oil absorbent capacity. The respondence time to the oil and silicon is just near 1/5 time comparing those available products from other vendors.
  • Patented oil absorbent material.
  • 5 times of the absorbent speed as the same product in the market.
  • Absolute rated ,10-50 microns are available for highest efficiency and consistent quality.
  • Long service life, high dirt holding capacity and low initial pressure drop.
  • Designation is right comply with the exact parameter, still can secure the high efficiency even under flow rate 20m3/hr.
  • Thermally-bonded microfibers contain no sizing, bonding adhesive, resin or silicone
  • Easy change-out to reduce down time