Filter Bags(PPMO&PEMO)

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Industrial standard monofilament mesh media offer stable and fixed pore for blocking critical hard particles. The most popular material is Nylon. Filterek supply Nylon mesh with 3 grades: NLMO is specially for painting and ink process by its unique treatment process and reliable for gaining free of silicone and free of oil & grease.
NLMP is material of Nylon 66 which is compliant to FDA. It is safe enough for Food and Pharmaceutical process.
NLMB is for general industries application for trapping particles. Except Nylon mesh, Filterek also supply PPMO which is material of pure polypropylene and PPME which is made of Polyester mesh.
These materials assure the excellent compatibility with a wide range of chemicals.
Heat setting process applied without any fiber migration. Surface filter media type.
  • Seam treatment: Thread stitched.
  • Seal ring options: Polypropylene or polyester SDS, STS, Zinc coated steel or stainless steel snap fit rings.
  • Ring attachment: Ultrasonic fusing or thread stitched.
  • Extensive product availability
  • High tensile strength, repeat use allowed
  • Efficiency: Absolute rating, 98% contaminant particle retention efficiency with a single pass.
  • Surface treatment: Heat setting. Fiber migration & extractable free.
  • Media grade: Exclusively FDA compliant media is available, silicone free, other grades products be classed.
  • High flow rate, low pressure drop.
  • Broad chemical compatibilities.
  • Optimum replacing pressure differential 0.10MPa, Max. 0.18MPa