Filter Bags(PPSG&PESG)

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Industrial standard polypropylene (PPSG) and polyester (PESG) none-woven micron felt bag filters. Single side glazed to prevent loose fiber migration.Graded pore depth filter media type. No reinforcing insert.
Basic matrix configuration are designed upon more than 30 kinds of fiber. It is key different from those air filtration felt which made from about 3~5kinds fiber.
  • Seam treatment: Ultrasonic fusing or thread stitched.
  • Seal ring options: Polypropylene or polyester SDS,STS, Zinc coated steel or stainless steel snap fit rings.
  • Ring attachment: Ultrasonic fusing or thread stitched.
  • Micron range: 1,3,5,10,25,50,75,100,125,150,200 micron are available.
  • Efficiency: Nominal rating, 85% contaminant particle retention efficiency with a single pass.
  • Surface treatment: Fiber migration & extractable free glazed media surface treatment. Media grade: Exclusively FDA compliant media, silicon free, and oil free.
  • Optimum replacing pressure differential 0.10 MPa, Max. 0.18 MPa
  • Broad chemical compatibilities.