Filter Bags(PPXG&PEXG)

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Extended Service Life polypropylene (PPXG) and polyester (PEXG) none-woven micron felt bag filters. The primary filter layer is none singed/glazed media, which leave all pore openings on the felt unblocked, effective in slowing down the premature formation of filter cakes, therefore successfully extend filter's service life. In addition, a layer of compressed none-woven material is adopted as protective cover. Lab tests have shown that the average service life is 30% to 50% longer than standard PP and PE bags, depending on application conditions.
  • Seam treatment: Ultrasonic fusing or thread stitched.
  • Seal ring options: Polypropylene or polyester SDS, STS, Zinc coated steel or stainless steel snap fit rings.
  • Ring attachment: Ultrasonic fusing or thread stitched.
  • Micron range: 1,3,5,10,25,50,75,100,125,150,200 micron.
  • Efficiency: Nominal rating, 85% contaminant particle retention efficiency with a single pass.
  • Surface treatment: Fiber migration& extractable free cover integrated.
  • Media grade: Exclusively FDA compliant media, no silicon and other types of contamination.
  • High flow rate, low pressure drop.
  • Large contaminant retention capacity, extended service life.
  • Optimum replacing pressure differential 0.10MPa, Max. 0.18MPa.
  • Broad chemical compatibilities.