PP Filter Housings(HPPSep)

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HPPSep convertible filter housing is an economical solution for most of the industrial filtration application. The strong and lightweight filter vessel is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and converts easily from filter bag usage to cartridge filters.
Filterek offers diversity of filter elements for HPPSep vessels. Our standard size 5# filter bag is specially designed for HPPSep 23 bag filter housing. And 140 series cartridges are designed for HPPSep140 cartridge filter housing.
  • Constructed from light weight, 100% polypropylene that is strong and high resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Made with UV inhibitor for long-lasting, all-weather operation and durability.
  • Easy conversion between bag filters and cartridge filters for greater adaptability with 1-800 micron ratings available.
  • Self-seal Gaskets ensure the maximum operating pressure up to 5Kg/cm2(71PSI).
  • HPPSep 23 fits for all standard size 5# filter bags with unique seal structure. Bypass flow is strictly avoided.
  • HPPSep 140 fits for the 140 Series cartridges. Filterek offers 2 types of products, one is melt blown polypropylene cartridges and the other one is pleated polypropylene cartridges. The maximum flow rate is up to 20m3/hr(88GPM).