PP Filter Housings(VARSep)

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When treating fluid mass such as seawater, high concentration of chlorine flow, strong acid and alkaline mass etc., the corrosion problems of metal vessels are getting more and more serious for technicians and engineers. Even some adhesives bonded plastic products are available, problems such as pressure resistance, temperature resistance, and high cost may stop them from the above mentioned choices. A long-awaited filter vessel VARSep comes true from Filterek. VARSep is made of an innovated polypropylene material which can stand high temperature, high pressure and anti heavy corrosion. The rigid body is made by a comprehensive injection
  • Constructed from light weight, 100% polypropylene that is strong and high resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
  • An innovated ultra strong polypropylene material is used for broad application.
  • VARSep vessel can stand over 95ºC(203ºF)@ 7Kg/cm2(100PSI) Made with UV inhibitor for long-lasting, all-weather operation and durability.
  • Easily convertible between bag filters and cartridge filters for greater adaptability with 1-800 micron ratings available.
  • Self-seal Gaskets ensure the maximum operative pressure up to 10.5Kg/cm2(150PSI)
  • VARSep 45 fits for all standard size 2# filter bags with unique seal structure. Bypass flow is strictly avoided.
  • VARSep 700 fits for the big size cartridges. Filterek offers 2 types of products, one is melt blown polypropylene cartridges and the other one is pleated polypropylene cartridges. The maximum flow rate is up to 35m3/hr(150GPM).
  • Cartridge vessels hold one large 75mm ID x 152mm OD x 700mm long (3" ID x 6.0" OD x 27.5" long)cartridge.
  • Twist-off lid design requires no tools for opening and closing vessel to provide quick and easy element change-out