PP Melt Blown Cartridges(CPPH)

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Filterek standard PP nominal rated melt-blown cartridges are produced with exclusively FDA CFR Title 21 compliant virgin Polypropylene microfiber and produced in continuous length by the latest melt-blown technologies. The filter media graded pore structure is generated by controlled microfiber diameter variations, ours are more advanced and featured by enhanced filter media integrity and strength, increased contaminant holding capacity and extended service life.
CPPM Series are industrial standard melt-blown Polypropylene cartridges. Singed inner core surface, singed exterior treatment to prevent loose fiber migration. Continuous length. Smooth finish. CPML is Used the same filter media and structure as CPPM and lined with Polypropylene core, CPML Cartridges feature added integrated strength, and are suitable for high pressure differential applications.
  • Micron range: 1,5,10,25,50,75,100 micron.
  • Length: Log made of continuous length. 10~40" normal length. Custom cut available.
  • Efficiency: Nominal rating, 85% contaminant particle retention efficiency with a single pass.
  • Media grade: Exclusively FDA compliant media, no silicon and other types of contamination.
  • High flow rate, low pressure drop
  • Large contaminant retention capacity, extended service life.
  • Optimum replacing pressure differential 0.15MPa, Max. 0.25MPa
  • Broad chemical compatibilities